As the years have gone by I’ve ran across what are commonly asked questions. So, in hopes to help you all and myself save quite a bit of time, I’m going to post them below, with the answer. If you message me, I will refer you to this posting which will remained pinned to the top of this page. It’s not meant to be rude in anyway possible. It’s meant to save us both time and energy .


With the growth, I have had to relocate to a larger place. If not for you all, that would not happen. So THANK YOU. With this growth has come the issue of a response time from me in regards to tattoo inquiries, for that, I apologize and I’m doing the best I can to get to each and every one of you guys. I assure you, your tattoos are just as important to me as they are for you. So, thank you so very much for your continued patience. My goal is to get back to YOUR MESSAGES WITHIN 24 HOURS. This isn’t a guarantee but something I’m working very hard at. ANY MESSAGE ON SATURDAYS may not get a reply until MONDAY/TUESDAY.

Shop number: (919) 562-2213


- Deposits are PayPal or cash

* Balance is CASH, (highly preferred).

Thank you for your understanding.


- Will you tattoo me if I’m sick?

* No. PLEASE, let me know you’re not feeling well and I’ll be more than happy to accommodate a new day/time for your appointment.


- Do you take walk-ins?

* Sometimes, but only when I don’t have any appointments scheduled. Please message the page or my cell at 919-265-7353.


- Are Deposits required to schedule an Appointment?

* YES. A minimum of $50 (non refundable) deposit is required but is applied towards your appointment time/day. However, if you do not call/text/show up, your deposit goes towards “My Time.” I could’ve booked someone else when you didn’t call or text. Please be courteous. **(ALSO, I’m not going to hold on to your deposit for months on end while you just reschedule and reschedule. I understand things come up, truly. But I think 1 reschedule is plenty. If I have to track you down to try and get you to schedule an appointment, that’s not good. Please understand I’m trying to help many other persons, including you).**


- How much is your Minimum?

* $50.


- Do you do Temporary Tattoos?

* No.


- Will you do a portrait of my (insert family member here)?

* At this time, I’m not comfortable with portraits or anything that is hyper realistic.


- How much is a Tattoo?

* I get this question a lot. And there are MANY factors that go in to pricing a tattoo. (Which leads into the next question)


-How much will this tattoo be (sends a picture)?

* To start off, any and all pricing that I may give you will be a “ballpark” and an “estimate.” Please know HOW LARGE/SMALL, COLOR or BLACK and GREYWASH, BUDGET, TIMEFRAME, STYLE (Traditional, Neo-Traditional, New school, Watercolor, etc etc), and WHERE on your body this reference image may go. Then and only then will I consider trying to quote you a price.


- Will you draw it up (design) so I can see it before I get the tattoo done?

* SURE! It will require a minimum of a $50 (Non-Refundable) deposit. If you show up for your tattoo, the deposit will be applied towards your appointment/session. If you don’t call/text or show, you forfeit agreed upon deposit and it covers my time designing your tattoo that you didn’t come in for and I lost money because I could’ve filled your no show appointment with someone else.


- Do you do free touch ups?

* ABSOLUTELY! But after the first 3 months, the shop minimum will be required. I don’t want you walking around unhappy. I stand behind what I do. 3 months is enough time to see if your tattoo needs any attention. And I’ll gladly take care of you during the weekday hours. (Weekends are not for touch ups).


- Will you tattoo my hands/finger(s)?

* Unless you are HEAVILY COVERED in tattoos and your hands/fingers are the last things left, simply, NO I will not. Why? Because tattoos on those areas just don’t heal up well more than I’m willing to risk. Please search “healed finger tattoos” and you will see why for yourself.


- Do you tattoo Gang related images/logos/etc?

* NO. I will make sure that doesn’t happen.


- Will you tattoo my inner lip?

* No (for the same reasons as the fingers).


- Will you tattoo my child if I sign a release form and give you my ID?

* NO! It’s against the NC Law and called “Mutilation of a Minor” and if were to be a female, it would carry a substantial amount of other charges! If you go to any establishment and they agree to tattoo your minor child (under 18 years old) they have NO MORALS, NO ETHICS and only care about one thing, MONEY! My reputation and my business is worth more than any amount of money you can offer me to tattoo your minor. I made my own son wait until he was 18, you can BELIEVE I won’t tattoo your child under 18.


- Do I need to bring in my ID?

* Yes! A state issued picture ID with your DOB (date of birth) is required to get tattooed by me if I have not tattooed you before.


- Do you do piercings?

* YES! Children need to be 10 years or older for an ear piercing.


- Do you do Tattoo Party’s?

* I can accommodate a day/time for that to happen but it will be in MY STUDIO. I will not, under any circumstances, tattoo you at your home.


- Where is the best place to find different lettering?

* I use www.da (take out the space). It was linking the page and making it harder to see this posting.

In the red box with all the different fonts, pick one you think you may like. I’ve found that ”Calligraphy” and “Handwritten” seem to be the most popular. But there are numerous. Find a font from the box. Click it. Scroll down just a little ways until you see a “preview” box on the left side of the page. Type in the word or phrase you want. Click enter. Now you’re able to view the word/phrase that you typed in that font style. Just scroll down and look at all the options. At the bottom of the page you should be able to view more pages of fonts in the same style. Others you won’t. But there are literally thousands of fonts on that site.


- Do you take Credit Cards or Cash?

* CASH is only form of payment now because of issues with my point of sale. I’m sorry for any inconvenience. Only credit/debit I’ll be taking will be deposits.


- What are your Hours?

* Tuesday-Thursday 1-8pm, Friday- Saturday 1-9pm (By appointment). We are CLOSED on Sunday and Mondays.

Saturdays are Walk-ins (Small Tattoos)


- Do you do Geometric Tattoos?

* it really depends on what the style is but for the most part, no, I do not. If it’s a triangle, hexagon, decagon etc, yes those I will do. What I’m referring to with this is when you see “Sleeves” of geometric patterns or prints.


- Does Color cost more than Black and Grey?

* Short answer, Yes. With BnG (Black and Grey) it’s not as time consuming and there’s no where near the “Maintenance” that color tattoos usually need. So, please, if you have color tattoos, do yourself a BIG FAVOR and put at a minimum of SPF-30 on them when you’re out in the sun. I suggest much higher but something is better than nothing.


- Where can I see more of your work?

* IG: RevelationInk919


- How do I take care of my tattoo?

* Instructions are on the back of my business cards. But simply: Wash hands. Rinse. Lather hands again, wash area of the tattoo with fingers. Don’t rub or scrub it. Rinse off. Pat dry with a paper towel. Apply a WATER BASED LOTION (Lubriderm-Blue Cap). That’s it! Repeat these steps 3/4x a day. Between these times, when your tattoo seems dry, wash hands. Get your WATER BASED LOTION and put on your tattoo. You can do this as much as you like.


- Can I use A&D for aftercare?

* My recommendation is NO! Water based lotion only. Stay away from any and all petroleum products during your tattoos healing process. Usually 10-14 days (give or take).


- Will you go behind another artists work (they outlined it I want you to fill it in)?

* This is a very slippery slope in this profession. If the artist is a reputable shop working artists and is local, I will not. However, if you’ve had a bad experience with the artist/shop and you don’t feel comfortable going back it might be possible. If the artist is out of state and you’re never going back, yes. But if it’s something that an artist started and hasn’t finished and the lines are busted and it just looks like ughhhhh...I’m not putting my name on that. I don’t want credit for work I didn’t do and I don’t want criticism for work I didn’t do. I’d rather start and finish a piece. It’s a mutual respect thing between artists or so it goes. But Not all “artists” adhere to this code of ethics trust me .


- Why didn’t you post my tattoo?

* Nothing personal, I just don’t post everything I do.


- Do you charge by the piece or by the hour? How much?

* I charge $150/hr for coverups and around $120hr for regular work. I do sometimes price things by the piece but those will be smaller pieces.


- Is this going to hurt?

* YES. It will be a tolerable sting but your pain tolerance and your friends, cousins, brothers, sisters etc etc pain tolerance will be different. I do not suggest getting a first tattoo in these areas (Ribs/feet).


- Do you do Tribal?

* I do not like this style of tattooing and try to avoid it as I’ve found that in most instances there is no meaning to the design.


-Do you “freehand” tattoo?

*NO! I may add a leaf to a rose, or something very small but I ALWAYS check with my client before doing so. But please don’t let someone just take a tattoo machine and some sharpies and tattoo you without seeing an EXTENSIVE PORTFOLIO on just THAT! Freehand “sharpie” work. Because, in my experience, what you what you get. That’s why I use my stencils . Does that mean I can’t draw? NOPE! It means I care more about your skin than my ego. I could sit down and freehand on people but it’s pointless when I can design it on paper and put it to a stencil and then a tattoo. Then, you KNOW what you’re getting.


-Are children allowed in the shop?

* For liability reasons, children are only allowed in the shop if getting ears pierced (10 years and older).


Updated material: 6/7/20

-Are you “mobile ?”

*NO! All tattoos/piercings will be done in my professional licensed and permitted business, not your house or anywhere else, no matter your offer!


-Are you comfortable tattooing intimate areas?

*This is a great question and it is really depending on “how intimate” and how detailed. A consultation is needed for sure. But, I assure you, I’m not in this business to look at anyone inappropriately nor make anyone feel uncomfortable, whatsoever.


-Can you finance my tattoo?

*At this time, no. In the future, this will be an option.


-How many people can I bring with me to my appointment?

*At this time, only 2 people are allowed (visitors) with you. No more than 3 (including the client), during each session.


-Do you require me to wear a face mask?


*I will be taking temperatures of all persons entering my studio. Sorry, but this is for yours and my safety. If it shows you have a temperature, don’t get upset at me. We will reschedule, no problem. Better safe than sorry.

This list may be updated at any given time. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.