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Professional Piercing since 1995. Traveled all over the United States Piercing at various Well known Tattoo and Piercing Studios. Extensive education in Anatomy throughout High School and College. Trained under the Founder of the Modern Primitive Movement and Gauntlet Co-Founder Fakir Musafar.

Drew is well trained in all forms of Body Modification from Basic piercings to well Advanced Piercings, Scarification, Branding as well as Body Suspension.

Drew has taken pride in what he does so the client feels at ease with their piercing. He has taken many years to understand all aspects of the piercing from the initial process until the final healed piercing. He takes every Body Modification he does to heart. Drew has won a few awards for Body Modifications he has done over his career. Over the years he has become well known for his Dermal work and has had it published in Tattoo Magazines. So when choosing your next Piercing keep him in mind.


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